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Twins BGVL 3 Muay Thai Gloves - Pink

Twins BGVL 3 Muay Thai Gloves - Pink


The pink Twins BGVL 3 Muay Thai Gloves are one of the highest quality ‘ Twins ‘ boxing gloves.


Made by fighters for fighters. The padded palm system protects the palm of the hand in training. The gloves have a multi-layered high density foam used to offer the highest safety for your hands.

As with all Twins products the construction, functionality, and visual design are unsurpassed. All Twins Boxing Gloves are made from the finest quality, high density padding and each one is crafted by hand from premium 100% Thai leather.


The wrist strap uses a Velcro closure; this allows for a quick secure fit that supports the wrist without giving up comfort.

More colours available in our Twins section.


Twins Special Co. LTD was incorporated on June 2, 1992. Its main objective is the production, sales and exportation of their Thai boxing gear and equipment.


TWINS – The company has been skillfully producing only Thai boxing gear. Made of the world’s finest quality materials in Thailand under the brand name for well over sixty years. As a company, it has distinguished itself by receiving the acceptance of the international boxing, Muay Thai and mixed-martial-arts communities. Because of their superior design and craftsmanship, along with their high standard of materials used in production, the reputation of their products is known to people throughout the world.

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